In Celtic Christianity, there exists “thin places” – places and spaces where the veil between this world and the next is so sheer, you can practically step through it.  While these places are most frequently found in the natural world, many consider St. Bartholomew’s a “thin place.” 

When you step through the doors and into the church, you feel surrounded by the cloud of witnesses that has gone before you, worshipping in these pews, kneeling before the altar, pondering the story told in the stained-glass windows.  You are amongst your ancestors who worship God on another shore and in another time.  You are also amidst a community of faith that is thoughtful, prayerful, committed to spiritual development and growth and with a generosity of spirit and of heart to welcome others and serve others. 

You will be fed here: from the pulpit with sermons that will challenge you; at the altar with the bread and wine of Communion; at coffee hour, potluck dinners, souper suppers, pub nights and many other fellowship events which will make your heart glad; by the music which is universal in its reach; by the varied and fascinating stories of others who call St. Bartholomew’s their spiritual home.

Here you will find not only a love of history and tradition, but also a desire to seek and serve Christ in the neighbourhood, our diocese and across the country. 

This is a place where you join with others as you engage in your own Christian journey of discipleship.  And no matter where you are on that journey, you are welcome here.