Baptism is the rite, or service, used when we join the church family. We are born into our own family and through baptism we become part of the church family which is the Body of Christ.  We become Christ’s own forever.  It happens once in our lives and draws us into the Christian Church.

Infants, children and adults may be baptized.  Adults and older children would make a conscious decision to join the Christian community.  Parents choose to bring their babies and younger children to baptism, making promises or vows on their behalf. 

Because baptism is the rite of initiation into the Church or Christian community, members of that community are to be present, for they too make promises, both to the newly baptized but also in the form of reaffirming their own baptismal promises.  Baptism is celebrated when the church gathers in community, and not as private events.  It is a time of great celebration, when the Body of Christ welcomes a new member.

Baptism pre-supposes a desire to be a part of the Church that gathers to engage in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers.  It means professing the faith in the Holy Trinity, that is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   Those seeking baptism for themselves or their children should be coming to church and be prepared to engage on a journey of learning and faith.

If you are interested in discussing baptism, please speak with the Rector either in person after church or by contacting (613) 745-7834 ext. 3 or